We are appealing to you, your family, and your friends to support our fundraising cause for the construction of kilns for various youths who are in the pottery business in rural Kenya, to enable them to produce more as we source for more markets for the handmade clay products. At The Clay Republic, we are all about empowerment and skills transfer for continuity.

The Clay Republic

Pottery is an essential part of our everyday life. Our earlier generations would attest to the communism it brought, along with its utilitarian benefits.

However, traditional pottery, as we knew it, is however slowly dying in Kenya. This is in favour of modern pottery of home decor items, which is more lucrative and income generating.

We are committed to reviving and adding value to the pottery industry, improve the livelihoods of the pottery value chain players, and promote healthy living.

DO NOT USE SOAP to clean your clay water pot.

A soft brush and clean water rinse will suffice.Note that due to its porous nature, natural clay water pots will sweat/dripwater, this is no sign of a faulty pot Your clay pot is still perfect for use and the sweating will slow down to insignificant amounts within 14 days.

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